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How it works

How it works?

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If you would like to mine cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) using the traditional method you will need to make a large initial investment in hardware and have extensive technical knowledge in order to set up and maintain mining rigs. Furthermore the mining rigs have to be housed in a place with an adequate ventilation for cooling which will result in high electricity bills.

And here comes the cloud mining service where the mining rigs are set up and maintained in a special and fully equipped facility owned by the mining company. So you simply need to register an account, choose and purchase the mining contract that suits you best. Afterwards you immediately start mining coins and get pay outs on a regular basis. Best of all is there is nothing hidden because you are able to track all the transactions in your personal client area. And you don't have to concern yourself with any technical issues.

MyCoinCloud owes two data centers build up especially for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining. And since year 2015 we are offering mining contracts with guaranteed return on investment.

Join us and start mining now!